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Criteria for Learning

We apply these criteria to help us decide what our pupils need to learn in order to be able to fulfil the Vision of Hora Hora School. Curriculum Teams will need to be able to apply these criteria as well in developing content or recommending content, resources etc.
The Content/Knowledge/Topics/Skills that we will emphasise at Hora Hora School will;

  1. Be relevant, engaging, exciting and challenging for the children and staff.
  2. Encourage creative thinking, independence, responsibility and values pertinent to our vision.
  3. Aim at the content relating to and building upon our pupils existing knowledge and skills. Assessment tools, observation, professional insight and knowledge from family and whanau are all relevant in determining pupils existing skills and knowledge.
  4. Will mean exposing/involving our children in activities that they would not normally encounter.
  5. Take into account the transient nature of our pupils
  6. Develop pride and a sense of belonging for all our pupils, by ensuring content that covers the specific cultural, historical and learning needs of those children.