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Email and Internet Usage

Hora Hora School has a very sophisticated computer network. Each classroom and library computer is linked to the Internet. This allows staff and children access to email and searching. We also have the latest in anti pornography software installed. Email access for children is only through their class email address. Rules are in place that if followed should keep all children safe when using this valuable resource. They are as follows -
- No malicious or hurtful emails are to be sent to any person either within the school or outside the school
- No child is to access the Internet unless an adult is within close proximity
- No child is to knowingly search or try to access sites that contain adult or sexual material

A sheet will be sent home and the beginning of the year spelling out these rules. We ask each parent and child to sign these and return them to school, acknowledging that they have read and understood the rules. If you have any concerns at any stage please contact the principal to discuss these.