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Your Commitment

Here are some of the things you can do to create a good understanding between home and the school in the mind of your children.
Show by your words and your attitudes your confident belief that school is not only a happy place but also an important place to be every day.
Look after your children's physical needs - see that they get plenty of sound sleep, a balanced diet, have normal eyesight and hearing, help them to speak clearly.
Look after their emotional needs - try to ensure that they feel secure and happy at home, perhaps talking out with them any difficulties or worries from school that may be troubling them.
Give then the opportunity to play with other children, to share some things they have with others.
Provide them with chances to widen their experience. Children, who have been able to see and do a variety of things, grasp and understand what they are doing much more readily. E.g. Reading a story about a ship means much more to a child who has been to the port and seen over one.
Let them take care of themselves - let them hang up their coats, their clothes, put things away when they have finished with them, wash their hands before meals, set the table etc.
Boost their confidence with what they are doing at school by being interested and listening to them, encouraging then, by admiring their work when they bring it home. Praise them often.
Give them the most important thing - TIME
- TIME to listen
- TIME to talk with them
- TIME to read and share stories with them
- TIME to play with them
- TIME to have fun with them.
- TIME to be loved.