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Our Commitment

We will endeavour to help your child to learn to think, listen, and express himself/herself in many ways and to communicate with others.
We will endeavour to develop a keen interest in reading, writing, mathematics and the world around us, thus laying foundations on which to build as he/she reaches upward and onward in the learning processes.
He/She will be taught the skills required in reading, writing and mathematics.
He/She will be encouraged to work with many materials. We hope to provide good music, literature and art for his/her appreciation and response.
Your child will be given many experiences, take walks, trips, look at film strips, films, videos, play games, engage in rhythm and music activities, make choices and decisions.
We will strive to encourage a mutual understanding and respect of different cultures through our Taha Maori Programme.

We can only be successful when this is done in partnership with you the parent.