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High Praise

I have just received this. I am very proud of all concerned but not surprised. It is just what we as a school and you as whanau expect of our children. However it is nice to hear.

Kia ora, koutou

I would like to share an experience I had yesterday with 80 of your tamariki (and staff) at Maungarongo Marae and Poroti Springs. I had the privilege, along with my colleague Meryl Carter, to facilitate several freshwater education sessions with Horahora School tamariki, teachers and supporters.
I've worked in this field for many years and by now think I can recognise quite quickly how the day will unfold!
It was evident immediately that these children would be a joy and a breeze to work with! Their skills were outstanding - exc. listening and speaking skills, contributing to discussion, respect and caring for each other, kindness, sharing, patient, observation skills in the field, exc. manners, polite, beautiful waiata..... the list goes on. They were an absolute joy and a superb reflection of their fantastic kaiako and a credit to the kura.
I really wanted to share this feedback with your Principal and staff, as often school's go unrecognised for their hard work, generosity and dedication to our children and communitBest Regards,

Ira Seitzer