Welcome to Hora Hora Primary School

Kia Ora. Welcome to the Hora Hora Primary School Community. We trust that your stay in our area and your association with our school will be a long and happy one.

Job Vacancies

We currently have 4 positions available that can be applied for. Follow this link or click on the menu at the top for "Staff" > "Vacancies"

Level 2 (Again)

Starting at noon Wednesday August 12th, we return to Level 2. All our children are expected to be present at school, unless they are unwell. If children are unwell, then caregivers need to inform the school (as you normally would).

We need your contact details! If you did NOT receive the TXT from HHS on Wednesday 12th August, you need to update your cellphone number with the office. Freephone 08004383080 now please!

We are required to record all visitors to school grounds, so we ask caregivers to stay off school grounds, and drop their children off nearby:

- If children are in Rooms 19 or 20, drop off or pick up from the footpath by Room 20.

- Children from other rooms: drop off for pick up by the main driveway, or the field.

- If caregivers need to talk to the office or teachers, please call and make an appointment: do not just turn up

- If caregivers need to pick up children early, please call the office to arrange this: the child(ren) will be brought out to you waiting on the footpath. There will be no pickups between 2.30 and 3pm

- Children who arrive before 8:25am will need to sit outside their own class, or the class below them (for upstairs children), until the 8:25 bell rings

- After School Care will be running

Please encourage our children to wash or sanitize their hands frequently. At school all children will be cleaning hands frequently, and before eating and after going to the toilet. Surfaces and toilets areas will be cleaned through the day.

Although we are exempted from the distancing rules at school, we will not be playing any close contact sports in Level 2.

Please encourage our children to wash or sanitize their hands frequently. Also not to hug, kiss, or breathe over other children and or adults at school until this is all over!

We, like you, are hoping that all going well, Level 2 will only operate briefly before Level 1 returns.

Nga mihi
Pat Newman, Principal

Caregivers of Year 6s

If you are the parent or caregiver of a Year 6 child, it is time to start thinking about where your child will be going to intermediate. The choice of Intermediate School is yours and you must enrol your child in the school of your choice, Hora Hora School does not do this for you. Please check our Facebook page and newsletters for more information as it comes to hand. We want all our Year 6s enrolled for 2021 before they leave us, so collect the necessary documents (e.g. Birth Certificates, Vaccination Certs) and start filling in the forms. Please get in touch if we can help you with this.

Local schools that have Year 7s include:
Whangarei Intermediate School: https://www.wis.ac.nz/
Manaia View: https://www.manaiaview.school.nz/
Kamo Intermediate School: https://www.kamoint.school.nz/
Tikipunga High School: https://tikipungahigh.school.nz/
Mangakahia Area School: https://www.mangakahia.school.nz/
Pompallier Catholic College: www.pompalliercollege.school.nz

Incredible Performance at Kapa Haka Nationals

Our tamariki performed brilliantly at the national Kapa Haka competitions: watch their performance here...

We will develop a healthy community,
where everyone is happy and confident enough
to ask questions, to think deeply and to make
informed choices.

We need to be able to dream,
to have self belief, to set goals, and to link ideas
in order to enhance our own lives, and to contribute
positively to our cultures.

The School Goals

  • To ensure children have an educational programme which develops their intellectual, social, emotional and creative areas so that they acquire basic skills in and understanding of: oracy, literacy, mathematics, the sciences, arts and Maori culture, and while doing so, cultivate a desire to continue learning.
  • To support the parents' role by helping children to develop respect for themselves and for others, and the skills needed to live and work harmoniously in a multicultural society.
  • Given the wide range of inherited abilities and environmental experiences, this school will endeavour to ensure equal opportunities, and provide a caring environment that will ready them for life experiences.
  • There are many broad aims of education and these cover many facets but basically we aim to help the children to become good citizens, able to lead happy and useful lives.
  • The children are encouraged to develop good habits as well as acquire knowledge and skills. We hope to provide the children with the opportunity to develop their individual abilities and become well adjusted socially.
2016 ERO Report click here